Goodman Global - Amana A\C 5-ton unit Poor Quality & Warranty

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We bought a new house with 2-5 ton Amana AC 14 SEER units.One entire unit has been replaced and rebuilt (compressor, fan motor, cooling vans, etc.) and now we are starting on the other unit with a coolant line failure.

The Amana scam is that the warranty is for replacement parts only; you get stuck with all the labor and coolant recharge costs. The unit that had the cooling vane replaced cost almost a $1000 in labor, coolant and testing.

Today's unit will cost us about $570 to replace a warranteed part, coolant and testing.Don't buy Amana!

Review about: Poor Quality.



We have a 5 year old 5 ton Goodman unit and have spent over $900 on the condensor unit alone and it is still leaking.Had to replace the squirrel fan in the air handler after it flew apart.

Workmanship by Goodman is below par.

Don't buy a Goodman, buy something better.Many AC companies won't even service a Goodman in our area.


It's not the equipment. Find a new A/C company.


I will never buy another Goodman or Amana HVAC system..complete rubbish and crappy company employees to boot..

had to replace a 2 year old unit completely..labor was $900.

If I could do it all over..I'd pay the extra to get another brand rather than just the labor charges


I had the same issue with 2 units in the same house..Goodman/Amana is total garbage.. my labor cost for just one unit was $800!

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